Ronny Williams

Ronny has been involved in public education and coaching for 38 years. He has over 25 years experience in both public and commercial driver’s education training. From Canadian to Melissa, Ronny has served across the state of Texas as coach and teacher. He is programmed with driver’s education programs throughout North Texas with both TEA and Supervisor certifications.

Ronny founded Parkway Driving School in 2012 as a commitment towards today’s youth and their driving safety. He has certified many of the school’s instructors and continues to serve as chief manager of the program.
Zach Williams
Chief Operations Officer

Zach is the co-owner and business strategist of Parkway Driving School. He grew up in Van Alstyne, TX and attended high school at Melissa ISD, where he played football as a 4-year letterman and served as team captain senior year. Zach graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point as a 4-year football player with a B.S. in Engineering and a degree in Leadership Development Science. He currently serves as an Infantry Officer in the US Army.

Zach believes in providing convenient, quality driver’s education for kids everywhere and seeks to expand such education across Texas.

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